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*Developed for the GTFO-wrist-Strap+AHK3-rf, the TWISTLOCK locks the AHK3-rf onto the GTFO-Wrist-Strap to aid retention and prevent loss.*

BLUF: These wristbands offer the capability to break tempered safety glass in a confined space. This variant comes complete with Advanced Handcuff Key- RF installed. 

Q: What is the best vehicle escape tool in an emergency?

A: The one you have on you.

Lightweight, fully adjustable, and discreet; these straps are made of an elastic material and a tungsten stryker bead. Designed by 4TAC5, this tool facilitates emergency vehicle egress via side or rear windows in confined spaces. GTFO Wrist Strap is made to be employed against tempered safety glass, which is found in automobiles. 

To deploy glass breaking capability simply remove wrist strap, place around thumb and forefinger, pull back on the projectile (min. of 4” is optimal, further travel of bead is better) and release...

This version has Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3-RF) installed on wrist strap. 

***This tool was originally developed for those who are exposed to high risk of capture situations, such as military and other trained government personnel. As with any tool, proper training is necessary for effective employment.
Tool is intended to augment end users skillset, not in and of itself provide the skillset. While the AHK3 will work while installed on GTFO Wrist Strap, the AHK3 is designed to be used as a stand alone tool, and may be more optimally employed free of Wrist Strap for some users. 
The GTFO Wrist Strap is a convenient method to carry an AHK3, and this setup should be thought of similar to a tool in a tool belt. AHK3 is most effective when used with a leverage multiplier, such as a small pin through the hole in the back of it. 
This variant is offered as an option in order to conveniently carry an AHK3, and we make no warranty or promise regarding the end users skillset.
By purchasing this item, end user agrees to the understanding that this is for use during an illegal apprehension (I.e. kidnapping), and it is not advertised or intended for use while interacting with legitimate authorities. 
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