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Useful Resources


Intel / Situational Awareness

      • Snapchat Map
      • Grayman Briefing: Stay in the know and ahead of emerging threats, shortages, civil unrest, and more. Sign-up for the Grayman Briefing to get news/intel and situational awareness on critical developments ranging from a change to Concealed Carry Laws in your Stateto an advanced warning of a Cyberattack on Oil Refineries (fuel disruptions). The service is delivered daily as a message direct to your phone for just $4/mo with offer code “GBCSAP” at www.graymanbriefing.com
      • The Grayman Briefing Classified (GBC) is an information and news service for Telegram and Signal that delivers daily Intel and Situational Awareness Reports on but not limited to: Planned protests/riots, 2nd Amendment legislation, Global conflict updates, Economic early warnings, Natural disasters alerts, Cyberattacks and security threats, Political/military actions, Supply line disruptions, Low intensity conflict, Constitutional infringement, and Government overreach
      • Additionally, GBC trains and teaches skills such as: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) for self-defense, home security ,counter-surveillance, escape-evasion, urban survival, etc
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