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AHEK (Anhua Handcuff Escape Key) + R-clip
AHEK (Anhua Handcuff Escape Key) + R-clip
AHEK (Anhua Handcuff Escape Key) + R-clip

AHEK (Anhua Handcuff Escape Key) + R-clip

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BLUF: Anhua escape key gives you another option to defeat illegal restraint. #haveoptions

If you Google search images 'CHINESE POLICE HANDCUFFS' you will find pictures of the ANHUA Handcuffs HC-01W and HC-19W.
These handcuffs have a rotating wheel that prevents shimming and they also require a unique handcuff key making them hard to bypass without the key.

The story goes that the USA supplied some old WW1 surplus Harrington and Richardson Model 123 handcuffs to the Chiang Kai Chek
regime in their struggle with Mao Tse-Tung and when they ran out the Chinese copied them and the rest is history...

Designed by 4TAC4.COM the AHEK works just like a key to operate the HC-01W and HC-19W handcuffs when single or double-locked.
The keys are double-ended and knurled for easy operation. Just insert into key-way and turn clockwise if single-locked and anti-clockwise
if double-locked. The key can be attached to the APEK with our R Clip (not included), stored inside the Plan B or hidden on your person elsewhere.