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Superman Hair (Technora Cord)
Superman Hair (Technora Cord)

Superman Hair (Technora Cord)

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BLUF: Cordage can be invaluable in everyday, and dynamic scenarios. 

  • We like to call this stuff “Superman Hair”, because allegedly 1 strand of his hair is capable of holding 1,000 lbs. Technora cord while relatively thin, is extremely strong.  
  • Available in 30’ lengths of braided technora with either 600lb or 950lb tensile strength.
  • PTFE coating protects cordage from UV, and chemical damage. Coating also increases knot strength and cord flexibility.
  • Technora 600 Diameter: (0.069 in) - (1.75mm) wide X (.047 in) - (1.20mm) thick
  •  Technora 950 Diameter: (0.111 in) - (2.84mm) wide X (.063 in) - (1.60mm) thick
  • Assembled In 🇺🇸
  • ***Violence patch not included ***


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