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WNDSN High-Viz Quadrant Telemeter
WNDSN High-Viz Quadrant Telemeter

WNDSN High-Viz Quadrant Telemeter

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BLUF: A multi tool for measurement to aid in; navigation, angle and distance calculations.

The double-sided Wndsn Pocket Quadrant Telemeter enables you to do more than merely guessing distances. Find an object of known size, or distance, or angle and measure with the appropriate scales and utilize the baked-in trigonometry to find the desired value by aligning the provided string across the various scales.

  1. Wndsn Pocket Quadrant Telemeter, double-sided
  2. Dyneema string, 0.27 mm turquoise and red
  3. Plumb line weight, tungsten carbide 
  4. Custom-made carton sleeve
  5. Printed 32-page Telemeter pocketbook
  6. Digital 240-page full manual available with purchase upon request.


  • 3.4" x 2.2" (8.5 x 5.5 cm)
  • Matte white surfaces, black core
  • ~1/8" (3.2 mm) Acrylic stock, laser engraved