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BLUF: Highly concealable and versatile, these blades are a valuable addition to any load-out.

Small, sharp, and handy, these Zirconia ceramic razor blades can be used for many applications from opening packages, to escaping restraints. Very sharp, and hold their edge.

 Offered in 2 Variants: 

  1. Folder with plastic cover (slight metal signature) 
  2. Naked with no cover.

**** Disclaimer: Blades are extremely sharp. Not intended to pry or for other applications requiring lateral pressure, as this may cause damage to ceramic blade. Ceramic is brittle compared to steel or other blades. Exercise caution when using. By purchasing, user confirms they are of appropriate age and within Local, State, and Federal Laws for possession and usage of this product. Stately Asset Protection, all agents of and any subsidiaries are not liable for misuse or accident resulting from carry or usage of this product. NOT FOR USE IN HAIR *****

  • Offered individually (Scapular, coin, etc. not included)
  • 1.7 x 7/16 x 3/16 inches
  • Color: Black