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SAD Tool + Triple Hump Rake & Tension Wrench

SAD Tool + Triple Hump Rake & Tension Wrench

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BLUF: Extremely strong, and highly concealable. With the appropriate skills, knowledge, and understanding, the SAD Tool can be used to facilitate escape from unlawful restraints.

The SAD (Special Activities Development) tool is used to remove handcuffs without a key (single and double/transport lock) and exploit weaknesses in the handcuff design to bypass the double-lock mechanism to allow for shimming etc. These methods can be used on so-called 'high security' handcuffs.

In advanced application, it works quicker than a key for taking off the double-lock, particularly when handcuffed to the rear. The SAD Tool can also be used to open some padlocks and remove cable-ties.


It is recommended that you have one spare SAD Tool that can be used for 'development' to explore the capabilities and potential applications of the tool. These 'special activities' require access to a set of handcuffs, heavy duty cable-ties and a budget padlock (pin and cylinder that locks on one side of the shackle). 

BLUFF: The Tension Wrench applies tension to the lock as you use the Triple Hump Rake and pick the lock.

The importance of tension cannot be stressed enough...
If there is too much, the pins will not be able to set correctly, and the same will happen if there is not enough tension.

Bend - this tension wrench will have a 90-degree bend for carry inside the Plan B, EBUTOG and our High Tensile Stainless Steel safety Pin.

Corrosion resistant 304 Full Hard Stainless Steel that differs from other forms of 304 in that it has been
hard cold rolled to its full hard condition. This increases its fatigue life. In its full hard condition, type 304 stainless steel
has a tensile strength of 185,000 PSI minimum, and a minimum yield strength of 140,000 PSI.