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The Poorman’s Tablet was originally developed in 2017 for special operations forces to provide a safe, secure and sterile device for taking notes, recording information and sketching in adverse weather conditions, low light and hostile environments.

Made from advanced materials the PMT-A7 is now easier to clean with no ‘ghost writing’ effect. Highly waterproof and Long Lasting – Does not deteriorate after each use so will last for many years.

The PMT-A7 has a surface area of 74 x 105 millimetres. In inches, this is 2.913 x 4.134 inches. Supplied as a Double Stack you get the same surface area as the PMT-A6 (105 x 148 millimetres / 4.134 x 5.827 inches) but it will fit in most pockets.

The PMT-A7 is ideal for medics, search and rescue, law enforcement, security, military personnel and anyone that is required to take notes on the go, outdoors in all weathers or simply requires a robust go anywhere notepad.

– Tactical Non-Reflective Matte Black Notepad
– No Batteries Required
– Waterproof
– QD (Quick Detach) Strap for attaching to a Belt, MOLLE etc.
– Write In The Rain With Graphite Or Chinagraph Pencil
– Write Underwater With Chinagraph Pencil
– Write In The Dark With White Chinagraph Pencil
– Safe, Secure and Sterile


The PMT-A7 does not produce heat, flames or sparks so it can also be used safely in areas of combustible gasses or liquids. It is also completely non-magnetic and non-metallic.


We all know that electronic devices are prone to ‘leaking information’ but paper is not always the best option to ‘go dark’.

Writing on notepads or other paper surface creates indented impressions on the paper beneath the original writing.The indented impressions are not always visible to the naked eye and have been recovered from up to seven layers of paper. Documents that may contain indented impressions not visible to the naked eye can be visualised through the use of an Electrostatic Detection Device (EDD) such as the Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA). An EDD uses applied charges and toner to visualise areas of indented writing, making them visible to the eye. Even documents that were shredded or burned may prove useful if reconstructed.

If you have to take a note on paper you can place the Poorman’s Tablet underneath to stop an indented impression on the other layers of paper. When you erase a note from the Poorman’s Tablet it is gone for good with no risk of leaving an indented impression that can be recovered at a later date. The Poorman’s Tablet ensures you are always working from a ‘clean slate’!


As with all our special products the PMT-A7 is free from manufacturers stamps and marks.


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