Digital Security Kit
Digital Security Kit

Digital Security Kit

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Digital Security Kit features:

1. SAP Gear USB Data Blocker (2 Pack)

Protect your devices from “Juice Jacking”. Every time you plug your devices in to charge them you are at risk for unknowingly getting your data stolen, or having spyware loaded on the device. The USB Data Blocker (manufactured by Portapow) ensures that data cannot be passed or taken from your device when plugged into a public/unsecured source for power. 

2. Jedburgh Sticker NFC Tag (3 Pack)

An ode to Operation Jedburgh from WWII, these small stickers are excellent for passing info in a discrete manner. 

  • 25mm diameter 
  • NTAG213
  • White paper backing 

******Given the conductive nature of these, they are not recommended for use on metal surfaces.*****

3. OscarDelta JUST A BLACK DISK NFC Tag (3 Pack)

These small and discreet disks are easily concealed and allow passage of information between devices by proximity versus sending over networks. 

Please check your device manufacturer specs. to ensure your device is NCF enabled.
With an NFC enabled device it can be used to store text, URL, links to files/video, make calls, send sms, add a location/address, start navigation to a location,
open street view at coordinates, information in case of emergency, Bitcoin address, Bluetooth connection, Configure Wi-Fi network access for device,
sound controls and media, set display settings, manage the configuration on your device, tasks from apps, phone features, file operations,
compose an email, compose a tweet, open geolocation, open an address, turn on/off camera flash (flashlight), vibrate, timestamp, talking clock,
pop-up message, notification and more.

Technical Information:

Protocol ISO 14443-3A NXP MIFARE Ultralight (Ultalight C) NTAG213
Technologies available NfcA, MifareUltralight, Ndef
ATQA 0x0044
SAK 0x00
Signature Valid (NXP Public Key)
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Size 50 /137 Bytes
Writeable/re-writeable (100,000 cycles)
Can be made Read-Only
UID Ascii Mirroring
24 Bit counter
Originality Signature
Fast read option
Transmission of the data with a baud rate of 106 kbit/s
Operating distance up to 100 mm (depending on various parameters as e.g. field strength and antenna geometry)
An intelligent anticollision function allows to operate more than one tag in the field simultaneously
NDEF type 2 formatted during manufacture
137 characters available with NDEF formatting

Manufactured in Germany for commercial use these tags are very strong and durable.
The disc can withstand flames, high temperatures and is completely waterproof.
There is a copper antenna inside to provide a decent reading distance for NFC enabled devices.
It will also fit inside the end cap for carry inside our Go-Tube and DCT.

👉🏽For Android, Blackberry and Windows devices you will find many applications on Google Play.
We use NFC Tools Pro and NFC Tasks.
The NFC antenna is located on the battery for some devices and may not be present on replacement batteries.

****Compatible iPhones can write now write to JABD using a NFC app***

👉🏽For iPhone 7 to X running IOS-11+ you can launch from the black disc, but you will have to use an application such as
PROX NFC TAG that you can find on the Apple app store.

For iPhone Xs, Xs Max or Xr URL's will launch with no application.

Guide for iPhone NFC comparability: