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Advanced Personal Escape Kit (APEK)
Advanced Personal Escape Kit (APEK)
Advanced Personal Escape Kit (APEK)
Advanced Personal Escape Kit (APEK)

Advanced Personal Escape Kit (APEK)

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BLUF: The Advanced Personal Escape Kit allows for essential restraint escape tools to be neck carried out of sight, but ready for immediate deployment.

This necklace is made of Technora cordage, which is an element we like to refer to as "Superman's Hair" given it's ridiculously strong tensile strength to size ratio. The APEK 5.2 is probably the one item of 'escape equipment' that you will have with you 24/7 regardless of what you are wearing or doing. After time it will become a carry habit, very much like wearing a watch - when you do forget to put it on you will know the difference!


1- Tech 205 Cord (Escape Necklace) for use as a friction saw to cut through non-metallic restraints.  There is no preparation required (knots to tie etc.) ...

2- Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3) designed to counter additional security features found on some handcuffs (key blocking blade, large keyhole pin,
deep-set keyhole etc.)

3- R Clip When installed with the Advanced Handcuff Key the R Clip can improve manual dexterity.

4- Uber Gulag Shim 3.0 This is the latest version that is slightly slimmer for the American UZI handcuffs.
Works on British TCH, Czech ALFAproj, Polish KEL-MET, Russian BRS-2, Russian CROT and Spanish ALYCON.

5- Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide (MSB-TC) for breaking tempered glass windows (car side windows). Concealed inside the plastic breakaway connector the MSB-TC is hidden until you require it.