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BLUF: For most applications, HANDCOP is a better restraint system than flex cuffs.

  • ¬†We've gotten with 4Tac5 to reincarnate the big daddy of the HANDCOP family. Thicker and stronger (TWSSūüėČ) than the original HANDCOP, these bad boys are solid technora.
  • Constructed of Technora 1250, which has a¬†tensile strength of 1,250lbs., and is less susceptible to friction sawing than other style¬†nonmetallic¬†restraints.
  • Convenient, versatile, reusable, highly concealable, and discreet. When not in use as a restraint, HANDCOP can be worn and used for a host of different applications. ¬†

The low signature and plausible-deniability of HANDCOP make them ideal for undercover/low vis work, or prepared citizens. Think of it as similar to a paracord bracelet, but you can actually use the cordage without making it useless for its intended purpose. While they look like standard paracord, these genuine HANDCOPs are constructed with Technora covered by paracord sheathing. 

If you carry a weapon for duty or personal protection, it makes sense you should also have a method to restrain an assailant. Designed by 4TAC5, the HANDCOP, when applied correctly is the most secure non-metallic restraint available.

The design allows for the HANDCOP to be worn on the wrist when not in use.
Simply cinch both loops to wrist size and wrap excess cord around wrist and tuck in the stopper knot.
To deploy - first remove from wrist, fully extend loops and apply to detained persons' wrists.
For extra security, the addition of overhand knots will fully secure the HANDCOP.

Unlike cable-ties, ropes and other cords it is very difficult to cut the HANDCOP without a cutting edge/knife.