Hardwire Ballistic Bag Insert (Lvl. 3A)
Hardwire Ballistic Bag Insert (Lvl. 3A)
Hardwire Ballistic Bag Insert (Lvl. 3A)
Hardwire Ballistic Bag Insert (Lvl. 3A)

Hardwire Ballistic Bag Insert (Lvl. 3A)

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BLUF: Practical and discreet ballistic protection against pistol caliber threats. 

***Cannot be shipped outside the USA***

This hard, bulletproof bag insert slips into any backpack, briefcase, and handbag to create a discreet layer of military-trusted protection for your family in the event of an active shooter.

These ballistic clipboards allow protection with the usefulness and appearance of an every day item. Perfect for the office , or in the field. Also ideally suited for environments with increased threat such as; marijuana dispensaries, bars, night clubs, banks, etc.

The rigid construction of this style ballistic material offers better protection against sharp and edged objects when compared to soft armor inserts for similar applications. The hard nature also presents the possibility for it to be employed as a striking implement in a defensive scenario.

Hardwire ballistic clipboards are a useful addition to your load-out as a protection professional, or security conscious citizen.  

*****Our founder has carried a Hardwire ballistic insert in carry-on bags on countless US and international flights since 2015, with no issues or scrutiny from TSA or other security screeners. Please check with local, state, and federal regulations. SAP makes no warrant or promise to the legality of ballistic products in any jurisdiction, and it is sole responsibility of the purchaser and end user to ensure compliance with applicable laws. By purchasing, it is agreed that purchaser is legally able to buy and possess said items, and SAP is not liable for any use; including misuse by any party. Purchaser agrees that this product is to be used at their own risk, and SAP is not liable for any injuries resulting from product use. ********* 

  • Fits discreetly into any backpack, briefcase, or handbag
  • Protects the vital torso area
  • About the same weight as an iPad®
  • Engineered with the world’s strongest materials
  • Designed using technology developed for the U.S. military