Luggage Tag  X3 (LTX3)
Luggage Tag  X3 (LTX3)
Luggage Tag  X3 (LTX3)
Luggage Tag  X3 (LTX3)
Luggage Tag  X3 (LTX3)

Luggage Tag X3 (LTX3)

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BLUF: Stop tearing up your credit cards trying to jimmy latches.

Sometimes bypassing a lock is quicker than picking.

Designed for covert carry (same size as a credit card so fits inside a wallet), pliable enough to flex round the door and tough enough to slip
the latches (carding) on even the tightest of locks. The LTX3 is three cards of various thickness secured together by a blackened brass eyelet and
and a metal washer to assist with pushing the card in fully and extraction when required.

How to CARD a door:

Carding works on doors that are held closed by a latch bolt and open away from you.
First select the card that can fit between the door and frame (ideally the thickest card).
Insert the top corner of the card near the top corner of the door (lock side).
Tilt at 45 degrees and slide (walk) the card down the door until you reach the lock.
Tilt at 90 degrees and push firmly into the door as far as it will go to reach the latch bolt.
As you push firmly on the card it should slip between the latch bolt and strike plate.
This will release the latch bolt and open the door (provided there are no other bolts or locks in use).
Some latch bolts have features that are designed to prevent 'carding'.

Top Tip for the Slip:

A common mistake is to lean on the door as you are trying to card/shim the door.
This puts pressure on the latch bolt so it is held firmly within the strike plate (just like a dead bolt).
Instead try pulling the door towards you as you card/shim and you will find the door opens much easier

Doors that open towards you...

Ideally you should also have access to the HOOKITOOL - Designed to bypass latch locks on doors that open towards you.