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Tyvek Delta Pouch
Tyvek Delta Pouch
Tyvek Delta Pouch

Tyvek Delta Pouch

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BLUF: Basically an extremely low vis fanny pack to stash valuables (cash, cards, etc.), to be tucked inside waistline.


Developed and designed by Karl OscarDelta the Tyvek Delta Pouch provides a method of carry and concealment for a passport*,
cash card, bank notes and other valuable items.

*the size of passport booklets normally complies with the ISO/IEC 7810 ID-3 standard, which specifies a size of 125 x 88 mm (4.921 x 3.465 in).

Weighing just 9g and only 2mm thick when empty this is the ultimate low-profile pouch for discreet carry and concealment.


- Non-metallic
- Non-magnetic
- Low profile
- Silent operation
- Black outside
- White inside

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