TINYTX's Jammer
TINYTX's Jammer
TINYTX's Jammer

TINYTX's Jammer

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New, highly Improved, and high-powered. The next generation of TINYTX's long range Ultrasonic Jammers are here, with the addition of high wattage amplification boards for the increased power and range you have all been asking for. Now available in a factory manufactured PB pushing an incredible 120 Watts of Ultrasonic noise per channel, that's a whopping 240 Watts total. The X-Series are directional Ultrasonic Jammers that have omnidirectional suppression properties. These microphone jammers emit a very powerful Ultrasonic barrier to thwart and disable the function of virtually any microphone. The Ultrasonic waves emitted from these devices offer a more powerful and effective disruption attack than any other 'white noise"
technology, with the new high-powered drivers, these jammers emit audible noise.

By creating an ultrasonic field around a given area, you can render all microphones disabled and useless while continuing your conversations privately.

Most impressively, the X series is also capable of completely disabling voice-control and smart home/AI assistants, across several major technology manufacturers
and platforms. If it utilizes a microphone to hear your commands, this device will disable it, this includes Google Nest products, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Sonos, Ivee Sleek, Athom Homey, LG Smart products, Mycroft, Samsung Smart products, Vehicle smart assistants (Toyota, Tesla, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Mazda) virtually any smart device or vehicle on the market today and to come. These jammers can be placed anywhere in a vehicle and still exhibit omnidirectional suppression.

The X series (across all arrays) will also completely disable smartphone microphones (including Iphone/Android microphones) a more directional attack will yield the best
results, whereas the smart devices mentioned above will be easily disabled from across a room, keep in mind, the more transducers in an array and the higher the output wattage, the more effective the attack and suppression.

Besides jamming a vehicle's voice control, passengers making phone calls in a vehicle will not be able to communicate as the receiving end will hear nothing but
jarring white noise, all the while remaining inaudible to the passengers in the same vehicle. This is because the Ultrasonic waves are bouncing within a container (in this
case the vehicle) which increases the microphone suppression attack significantly.

For added protection and suppression, several units can be placed facing different directions for a complete omnidirectional attack. Each transducer has an 80-degree
beam field, utilizing several jammers will cause an overlapping field of attack and suppression in larger areas.

The X-Series is very powerful. They are 9V powered, available in 5x transducer arrays, the output wattage of these jammers is 120 or 160 watts PER CHANNEL.

TINYTX designed these Jammers for rapid deployment. These devices operate via a 9V battery jack adapter for quick plug & play deployment. Please be advised, at 160Watts per channel, these arrays will have similar effects as Ultrasonic devices used in crowd control and dispersion. Do NOT point this device at individuals or pets.


These devices protect you from being recorded by completely suppressing covert and plain-sight eavesdropping devices and digital recorders. The intended use of this device is to be placed directly near devices prior to sensitive meetings and conversations or within several meters.



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