RE Factor Combat Fitness Deck
RE Factor Combat Fitness Deck

RE Factor Combat Fitness Deck

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BLUF: These cards are designed to help Warriors on the battlefield, and they can help all security minded folks maintain peak performance for when dynamic situations arise.

The ability to successfully perform under stress and through the rigors of combat is essential to survival on the battlefield. In working with other members from Special Operations, we've created to Combat Fitness Deck to help you maintain your fitness standards, no matter where you are. Designed to be used with minimal equipment, the deck features 52 high intensity workouts that can be performed individually or with team members. As you progress through the deck, the workouts become more difficult as the value of each card increases. Whether you are deployed, at home, or simply on the go, our workouts can be performed anywhere so you'll never have to rely on a gym again.

  • 52 different workouts
  • No equipment required for most workouts
  • Requires only a pull-up bar and sandbag for select workouts
  • Made in the USA
  • The tin case it comes in can be used to stash other tools 😉