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CardVault by Delta 2 Alpha
CardVault by Delta 2 Alpha
CardVault by Delta 2 Alpha
CardVault by Delta 2 Alpha
CardVault by Delta 2 Alpha

CardVault by Delta 2 Alpha

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"Chances are that you or someone you know has been the victim of electronic warfare,

Scary stuff!

Imagine, you are standing at the checkout of your favorite grocery store patiently waiting for the lady ahead of you to pay and be on her way.

In the checkout aisle next to you is a frazzled mother trying to keep her cranky three-year-old under control. To make matters worse in all this chaos, a big burly shoulder bag wearing fellow decides that the shortest way out is to make a third aisle by pushing his way past you and your fellow shoppers, smacking each and every one of you with his shoulder bag.

What you did not suspect is that this chaotic moment was deliberately chosen by the big burly fellow to use the electronic card reading device in his shoulder bag to steal the information off your cards and the cards of the other shoppers.

Electronic warfare!

Now you can fight back with your own counter measures by carrying your precious cards in the Delta 2 Alpha CardVault!

The CardVault is a case made of aluminum, a material chosen for its light weight and unique ability to help shield the cards from electronic signals.

After all it is intended to be unobtrusive for pocket carry! With scant weight of just 45 gm coupled with its tight dimensions of a mere 10.5cm x 7cm x 1.5cm the CardVault is a joy to carry while keeping up to six cards secure!"